Determined Ministries

Harper Brothers Printing

In 2011 Determined Ministries expanded the CD table to include two books. In partnership with Philip Harper, and based upon church Vacation Bible Schools, Richard has written two children’s books entitled The Adventures of Texas Pete. They are recommended for children ages 4-12 and is available for order for $10.00 plus shipping.

All of the proceeds from the CD table go to support our annual mission trip. The Harpers absorb the cost for all of the CDs, printing, and duplication so that EVERY DOLLAR that comes in from the table goes directly to the mission trip fund.


The first book is entitled “Texas Pete in Red Pepper”. This 106 page beautifully illustrated book not only gives the plan of Salvation, but it also teaches children the importance of prayer, the certainty of God’s protection, and the necessity of being separated from the world.


 In 2013 we expanded the series to include Texas Pete in Cheddarville.

This year we will be introducing two new books. A third book in the exciting Texas Pete series will be released this Summer and before the end of the year we will finish a sermon collection on the life and ministry of Moses. Please check back often for updates about these two books.


After 15 years of compiling the best recipes from the best cooks from all over the country, Kimberly has published a cookbook. Ya’ll Done Ate? (Named by a Pastor’s wife from North Carolina) contains over 250 mouth watering recipes. These books are available for order for $10.00 plus shipping.